Vending Machine Challenge

Vending Machine Challenge 
I didn’t really get all that creative with my first one. I picked a snack from the vending machine that had the brightest color. I then enhanced it by making it tone on tone. What do you think about the color? Pretty crazy? Pink is so misunderstood. Some think it’s feminine, bold and loud. Eventhough, those might seem like a negative descriptions to some people, I think they embody a lot of women that I know. Feminine, bold and loud. Depending how it’s mixed with other colors, it transforms into something different. Pink to me is versatile, unapologetic, modern, clean and attractive. I love all colors! My creative senses wake up when I see colors. But the commonality has to be clean and bold. What about you? What is your spirit color? 

Homage to Corn

Nerdy Facts About Corn

This week I am paying homage to corn. The most common crop in the world! Duh! Corn is one of the world’s most popular cereal grains and grown and process in variety of ways. Composed mainly in carbs, fair amount of fiber and low quality of protein.

On the other hand, studies have suggested that dietary intake of antioxidants, most notably carotenoids like zeaxanthin and lutein, may boost eye health. 

This next one surprised me. I thought corn was the major factor but studies show otherwise. It doesn’t promote diverticular disease, which is a cause of bloating and flatullence, as previously thought. On the contrary, it seems to be protective.

I personally love the taste of corn, corn tortillas, corn chowder, grilled corn with butter and sugar. Fresh corn is the best!

Corn doesn’t seem to have a lot of sexiness or romance quality to it as some other vegetables. Let’s face it It’s like taking your cousin to the dance. But with all of its plainness, it has the components to transform into many applications. Fuel, textiles, food, oil, plastics, glue, packaging, penicillin, booze, bark, drywall and many other products. 

So next time you see corn give it some love. Acknowledge all its contribution in today’s society.

Viva biodiversity!


Eat Ugly Food

End Food Waste

As a visual person, I love to work with food that have character, texture and irregular shapes. Somewhere down the line, we the consumer have been conditioned that perfect food taste better. But that doesn’t always reflect what we’re getting. In my opinion, the perfect ones, are often bland and hard. The ugly ones often times have the flavors and can be used in so many ways. So the next time, give the ugly or strange ones a chance. Don’t judge a produce by it’s cover. The inside is more likely just as delicious!